Ecommerce Catalogue Management

Driving Growth by well Maintaining

Inventory Of E-commerce Stores


Setting up an online store would be your dream and you would achieve it and your store would be performing well. But with more sales and orders comes a very necessary action, the need to update your products and categories.

Keeping your product list up to date can be a daunting task for you, if you are attempting to perform the task on your own. It can be a tedious and time-consuming task and the fact that an inexperienced hand is trying to continuously update and manage data could make it become messy and inconsistent. This can lead to substandard product information and this could have a direct impact on your business or sales.

Managing an e-commerce site means that you would have to constantly update your catalogue. It should be done to update your products or list new ones, or change the fee structure etc. As everything around us is changing each second, it will affect the attributes of your product too. So in order to keep pace with everything, and keep your customers updated, you should manage your catalogue.

You should also be certain that your product name, type and everything is correct with no typing errors or any other mistakes. If people find out that your online store is abound with mistakes, then they would lose trust in your site and your business would face a dip in sales, and it is highly important that nothing of this sort happens to your site.

Akuna Technologies can be of great service to you on this service. We have a full-fledged team of professionals who are experts in managing catalogue for your e-commerce store. So, whatever service you need in catalogue management, we are there always ready to lend a helping hand to you.

The services we provide in Catalogue Management are:

  • Add new products
  • Update in stock & out of stock products
  • Update product attributes
  • Price updation
  • Change product images
  • Update product content
  • Update theme and colours
  • Hero banner image updation
  • Sales or promotions updation


Shopify is one of the most popular and widely used of all e-commerce platforms. The reason behind the popularity of Shopify is that it is a simple to use e-commerce platform that demands no technical knowledge from anyone to set up an online store in the platform.

Another advantage that Shopify possesses is that it has a neat design and an administrator interface that is tidy, functional and moreover user-friendly, with all the features structured logically. This helps your customers to easily navigate between categories and products, and find everything easily. But on the other side, adding these products and categories, and even all the content is not an easy task, and it could take up a lot of your time.

Catalogue management tasks like uploading and updating products, editing descriptions of products, etc., are tedious and as mentioned above, largely time-consuming. Yet still, there is the need to keep them updated all day. And so, what is the solution to keep your catalogue updated? Well, the solution is Akuna Technologies.

Akuna Technologies has a team of expert, well-trained, dedicated and professional Shopify Catalogue Management specialists who are capable enough to carry out all your catalogue management needs in Shopify platform. This ensures that you do not spend your time by uploading and taking care that all products are correct in your online store.

Expertise in serving many clients across different industry verticals has made our catalogue management team capable of effectively handing out these services with quality and precision. With an eye for detail, they would ensure that all descriptions are apt for each product, that each product feature in their respective categories, and that there is no error whatsoever. Our Shopify Catalogue Management team are also equipped to provide all-round support that helps you to concentrate on the marketing strategies of your online store, which would ensure higher sales and great ROI.

The services that we hand out in Shopify Catalogue Management are:

  • Manual Upload of Products
  • Updating or Modifying Products
  • Entering Product Attributes
  • Bulk Product Upload
  • Category Management
  • Providing Product Descriptions
  • Product Image Updation
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Processing


An enthused customer would come to your online store, ready to make a purchase, only to see your product page muddled with nothing in order. This would undoubtedly force the customer to leave your e-commerce site and make his purchase somewhere else.

The most important element of your e-commerce store is your product page. It contains images, descriptions and other details of your products that would help in grabbing the customer’s attention. The product page is one of the most important elements that would determine whether the customer would make a purchase from you or not.

Your online store would no doubt contain a wide range of products. Though listing many products is better for sales and offers a wide variety for your customers, the hardest and most tiresome part would be to maintain the online store with this extensive product inventory. You will need to check that each attribute and detail of the product is correct and updated. This must be ensured by checking the manufacturer site, by comparing details on paper or notes, and there is no need to mention how much time would be consumed for this process.

If you are troubled by updating the details and ensuring that each product contains the correct details in your Magento store, then you can avail the expert help of our Magento E-commerce Catalogue Management Team. The expertise of our team includes collecting all details of your products from your paper catalogue, from the manufacturer’s website, internet, or any other source and updating your catalogue with those details. Our team can also undertake tasks like ensuring that the images are correct and that the product details are error free. Our expert team can ensure that your product pages are optimized correctly and professionally that are friendly to search engines and deliver the best customer experience. By taking care that products are updated correctly in each categories, with relevant products, our Catalogue Management Team ensures that your customer can find every product easily. Our Catalogue Management Services in Magento has been carried out to many clients hailing from different industry verticals.

The services that we hand out in Magento Catalogue Management are:

  • Adding or Editing Inventory
  • Product Descriptions that are SEO Friendly
  • Maintain and Update Product Categories
  • Update Product Attributes
  • Manage SEO Tags of Products
  • Update Product Images
  • Order Processing


There would be no harder task than constantly updating your PrestaShop online store with the latest products you have, or manage your store by changing the images and attributes of the existing product. This process would not only require a great deal of time, but would demand you to concentrate on it fully to ensure that each and every minute detail is correct and updated.

The problem of managing your online store’s catalogue by yourself is that it lessens the opportunity for you to take care of your store’s other matters such as its marketing needs and all. This would lead to the risk of you losing your potential customers and experiencing a dip in sales. Another risk would be that, if you are not accustomed to managing your catalogue, you are prone to making mistakes and errors, which would in turn harm your sales and your store.

The best possible way to overcome this problem would be to hire the services of an experienced Catalogue Management team, and Akuna Technologies provides you with exactly that. Our team involved in PrestaShop E-commerce Catalogue Management takes care of all your catalogue management needs, be it to update a product, add a product, change a product, add or update product descriptions or anything and everything else.

A great skill to research and find the most relevant is something that our Catalogue Management Team possess. From various sources that include manufacturer’s website, paper catalogue, internet and everything, our Catalogue Management Team would leave no stone unturned to make sure that they have all the details with them to update your product details. Adept at checking and cross-checking, they would ensure that all images are clear and correct, that all products are correctly placed in their respective categories and subcategories and that the contents are error free and powerful to make the customer engage.

So, never lose out on a sale because of an inadequately managed or muddled product catalogue page. Team up with Akuna Technologies and have all your product management needs met, and display your product page neat and tidy, that grants easy access to customer to his favourite product.

The services we hand out in PrestaShop Catalogue Management are:

  • PrestaShop Category Management
  • Product Attribute Management
  • SEO Friendly Product Description
  • PrestaShop Inventory Management
  • Bulk Product Upload
  • Updating/Uploading Product Image


There is no doubt that your e-commerce store is the best and the most fast way to reach a huge group of people within seconds. With a load of customers available online, waiting to purchase your products, what would happen if you fail to update your store with your new products? Well, there would be no doubt that you would miss up on a chance to sell your products in a highly competitive market.

The one thing that is largely important, thereby, while running an online store of your own, is to make sure that your product page is updated always, that it contains the best images, that your product description is error free, correct and relevant, that all sizes are correct and the pricing is updated and so on. Checking and cross-checking all details for thousands of products will take away a great amount of your time, making you devote less time for your marketing purposes, and eventually experience a fall in sales.

OpenCart has often been hailed as the best free e-commerce platform, which is exclusively designed for small businesses. This is a true fact as many small to mid sized businesses run their online store operations in this platform. Yet, even though designed for small businesses, like all other stores, there is still the need to update products in your OpenCart store. Though the number of products could be less, you still would have to spend most of your time taking care of your catalogue and ensuring that it is correct and relevant, and it is a tiresome process too.

Akuna Technologies offers services in Catalogue Management for OpenCart that helps you to concentrate on the business and marketing parts of your online store. Moreover, by acquiring the services of an experienced hand, you can be assured that your product page would be relevant for your customers, with attractive images and product descriptions that would grab the attention of the visitors to your site.

Our OpenCart Catalogue Management team consists of a group of highly dynamic and versatile professionals, who are capable enough to research details about your products and add them to the description that is SEO friendly and help in your marketing. By ensuring that each product is in its respective category, out team of experts would facilitate easy shopping for your customers, who would surely return for more of your products. Our expertise in OpenCart Catalogue Management is not limited to any special industry, and we can take care of the catalogue management needs of all industry verticals.

The services that we hand out in OpenCart Catalogue Management are:

  • Manual Product Upload
  • Product Updation Services
  • Product Attributes Updation
  • Category Management
  • Bulk Product Upload
  • Inventory Management
  • Product Image Editing
  • Order Processing management


BigCommerce is one of the best e-commerce platforms that enables you to sell ‘quick and easy’. Well, it boasts of other functionalities like great storage and unlimited bandwidth that helps you to list as many products as you like and still your online store would function smoothly.

Are you happy hearing about being able to list a lot of products in your BigCommerce online store? Well, if you are, we would like to ask you a simple question - who would take care of your product updation and other things? Alone, are you able to manage the catalogue of this many products? Or are you willing to hire an inexperienced hand and increase the risk of having quite a few mistakes in your product page that would shoo away your customers?

Inadequate management of catalogue can with no doubt harm the sales of your products on your online store. No customer would wish to see a product page that is messy and doesn’t aid him to find his products without much trouble. What a customer expects from an online store is not only the product that he wishes, but an easy and smooth way to find his desired products. Therefore, the most important thing while running an online store is that your store’s catalogue must be properly managed.

Managing your BigCommerce E-commerce store’s catalogue has never been easier than availing the professional services of Akuna Technologies. Adept at undertaking any service in BigCommerce platform, we are also equipped with a highly expert catalogue management team, who can easily handle all your products and update them as required. No matter how big or small your catalogue is, with our team at your service, you can relax and immerse in the business matters of your online store.

Whatever be your need in BigCommerce Catalogue Management, be it updating the product list, updating product categories and subcategories, uploading new images, maintaining the product attributes or anything else, you can rely on our BigCommerce Catalogue Management team to provide you with an outstanding service. This excellent service of our team has been handed out to many major clients across the world, engaged in catering to different verticals.

The services we hand out in BigCommerce Catalogue Management are:

  • Product Upload
  • Bulk Product Upload
  • Managing Product Categories
  • Quality Product Descriptions
  • Inventory Management
  • Photo Enhancement
  • Order Processing


For those searching for an E-commerce store that can be started with a small budget, and requires no technical knowledge to setup and run the store, then Zoey, obviously is the best platform to choose. Zoey functions as an ideal platform for small e-commerce businesses, looking for a powerful, yet affordable solution.

Catalogue Management in Zoey platform can be a time consuming and daunting task if you have a lot of products to sell and also inexperienced in managing the catalogue. This inexperience will not only result in consuming a lot of your time, but also in errors, that could be a cause of loss in your sales. So, how to ensure that your product catalogue is updated swiftly, regularly, and precisely so as to cater to the needs of your customer?

Well, it would be by hiring the services of a catalogue management expert team, and that is precisely what Akuna Technologies provide you. We have a team of catalogue management experts in Zoey platform, who can take care of all your catalogue needs, helping you to concentrate on your store’s marketing and business. Our catalogue management team has effectively handed out great services to many global online retailers providing services to various niches.

Our Zoey Catalogue Management Team can take care of all your needs such as product upload, product update, image update, product description update, product attributes update and many more. By researching and referring many places such as your paper catalogue, internet, manufacturer website etc., they can collect the relevant details and update it on your store, and ensure that it is error free.

The services that we hand out in Zoey Catalogue Management are:

  • Product Upload
  • Update Product Attributes
  • Update/Enhance Product Image
  • Bulk Product Upload
  • Create SEO Friendly Product Descriptions
  • Zoey Order Processing
  • Category/Sub Category Updation
  • Inventory Management


With easy-to-install feature and customization tools, WooCommerce is one of the best E-commerce platforms out there that helps online retailers to sell products seamlessly over the internet. WooCommerce is a free e-commerce plugin that you can integrate with your WordPress site to sell products online.

The feature that WooCommerce boasts of is that it allows the online store owners to control each and every process with ease, like managing the product inventory easily and quickly, with no trouble. But still, despite these ease of use and great functionalities, one thing that takes up most of your time, like other e-commerce sites is the management of your product catalogue.

The products being the most important element of your WooCommerce store, managing it properly is necessary for attracting your customers and making them purchase your products. Catalogue management is not an easy task for beginners or inexperienced people, as it needs a lot of research and referring various sources to ensure that all details are correct and updated. Trying to do it on your own can often let you to concentrate less on your store’s other needs or activities, which may also badly hurt your store’s sales.

One good solution for this would be to avail the services of an expert catalogue management team. How you can benefit from the services of a Catalogue Management Team is that primarily, you can concentrate on other needs of your e-commerce store, and secondarily, you can ensure that you have a faultless and perfect product catalogue. And this is where the expert Catalogue Management Team from Akuna Technologies can be at your aid.

The WooCommerce Catalogue Management Team of Akuna Technologies is comprised of a bunch of highly professional individuals with experience and expertise in handing out services for various niches. So, whatever be that you sell or provide, you can always have exceptional services handed out to you by our team.

The services that we hand out in WooCommerce Catalogue Management are:

  • Creating Product Attributes
  • Product Entry
  • Creating Categories
  • Mass Product Upload
  • Product Image Enhancement
  • Update Prices