The best choice when it comes to creating a functional and outstanding website is PHP web development. As PHP adheres to multiple platforms, it easily has become the most favoured and popular platform of the web developers.

The fact that PHP is free, adds to the popularity of this programming language, inducing many developers from all over the world to know more about it and develop innovative concepts. A feature rich and interactive website is what PHP helps developers build, that provides ease of access to users and an unmatched user experience.

With many organizations opting for PHP for their web development services, there has been an increased demand for the best service providers in PHP Web Development services. And it is where Akuna Technologies come in.

We have been a company engaged in offering PHP Development services that helped steer many businesses to the next level. With a team of highly passionate and proficient PHP developers, we have been serving a multitude of clients with services that has helped them to carry out processes effectively and experience a tremendous growth in business.

With Akuna Technologies, who adopts the best-practices and methodologies in the industry, you can be sure of receiving a comprehensive solution like none other. Our experts, who are always equipped with adopting the best technologies, you can be at the gaining side with PHP solutions that offer flexibility and scalability. Whether you are on the look out for a cost-effective solution, or a greater ROI, with Akuna Technologies, you can receive whatever you are looking for.

The services that we provide in PHP Web Development are:

  • Custom Web Application Development
  • Responsive Web Development
  • Application Migration to PHP
  • Integration with Flash/Flex
  • PHP Shopping Cart Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Quality Analysis and Testing
  • Support and Maintenance


With stats indicating that almost 60% of the world population using a mobile phone, today, there is an escalated need by businesses to build mobile apps. Whether it be for e-commerce or any other services, having a mobile application will help them to be in constant contact with their customers, and even help the customers to avail the services anytime they need.

With the increasing demand for apps, there has been an increase in the number of app developers in the industry. But, still only a few could be able to produce robust apps, each integrated with the feature and functionality needed to perform on their respective platforms. And we are one among the few of the best mobile app developers.

Akuna Technologies have a team of expert designers who are well equipped and have shown outstanding professionalism and expertise in creating applications for mobile, both in Android and iOS platforms. What makes us excellent service providers is that each of the app we develop is tested for quality, ensured to have a functional user interface and provide an excellent user experience. It is what that has helped us deliver high quality mobile applications for businesses hailing from different verticals.


Quality Assured Development Process
Skill-set to Undertake any Project
Well Versed in Mobile Technology
Dynamic and Versatile Professionals
Quality Services within Timeframe
Cost Effective Solutions




Android has become the most popular mobile operating software of the present ages. Stats indicate that 86% of the mobile phone using population owns a phone that runs on Android. So, having an Android Application can undoubtedly work wonders for your business.

What adds to the popularity of Android is that it is fast growing, constantly being updated and friendly to the user. By having an Android application, you can be able to reach out to this vast number of audience and let your business get more exposure. With the professional services rendered by Akuna Technologies, you can have a fully functional Android app that can promote your business, whichever sector you are into.

Our expertise in Android app development is backed by the high quality apps that we have designed and developed for our clients. In an ever developing area, we are smart enough to keep ourselves updated all the time, so that no matter what your requirement is, we can build you applications that are functional across various Android versions.

With the help of our professional team, you can have Android applications that are developed in compliance to high quality benchmarks. We are also well equipped to conduct researches and analysis that would help to meet all your needs and requirements. We can accommodate your idea, vision and goals, and work on your project with the backing of our experience and expertise. And the output will be a high quality and functional application that would do wonders to your business, and moreover make your customers come back to you for more.

So be it a mobile phone, or a tablet or even a wearable device, with us, you can be the proud owner of applications that are smooth, effective, innovative and functional, developed adhering to the highest standards, and delivering the best user experience.

The industries we cater to:

Retail and Fashion

E-commerce and Shopping

Social Media

Health and Fitness





Being designed and developed exclusively to perform on Apple devices makes iOS apps fast and slick and promise smooth functionality. These apps can be your business card that can introduce you to a vast majority of the high profile population.

With stats revealing that in-app purchases occur more on Apple devices or iOS software than Android, these apps can be a good way for you to experience a decent ROI. Another advantage iOS apps possess is that it takes only less time than developing an Android application, which means that you can have your application ready to go within no time.

iOS app development services at Akuna Technologies are carried out by a dedicated team of professionals, whose expertise in iOS app development is unchallenged and highly qualified. With a strong service record backing us, we can be able to design and develop app that are functional and smooth, and perform their intended tasks. The apps we create are ensured to deliver the best user experience through a highly functional interface.

According to your needs and requirements, we can help build applications that are powerful and focussed to deliver great ROI. But our service doesn’t just stop there. As the iOS platform updates and bring in more features, we can help your application to be updated to the changing times, so as to be compatible to your customer’s phones.

The industries we cater to:

Retail and Fashion

E-commerce and Shopping

Social Media

Health and Fitness








Apple Watch


WordPress is one of the most favoured website creation tools around us today. It is a self hosted blogging tool and Content Management System (CMS), used by millions of users. According to stats, it is revealed that WordPress powers almost 27% of the websites around the world.

What adds to the popularity of WordPress is the fact that it is completely customisable, provides completely adaptable designs and features that would help you to create your website in the way that you like. It is easy to use and very user-friendly. All you would need to do is to select a theme, a domain, a plan and begin your adventure. WordPress can be used effectively and efficiently as a blogging platform, or for building a website or an E-commerce store.

What WordPress offers are:

  • Better Content Management
  • Impressive Look
  • SEO Friendly Features
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Full User Management Control
  • Comments Service

Akuna Technologies offers WordPress development services that clearly reflects the interests of our clients. With a team of highly experienced WordPress developers, we would ensure that each project we carry out are designed and developed according to the latest features. What we can guarantee to deliver are WordPress solutions that are neat, tidy and highly functional.

What we Offer

WordPress Web Development
WordPress Responsive Web Development
WordPress Setup and Installation
WordPress Website Design
WordPress Maintenance and Support

Akuna Technologies offers WordPress development services that clearly reflects the interests of our clients. With a team of highly experienced WordPress developers, we would ensure that each project we carry out are designed and developed according to the latest features. What we can guarantee to deliver are WordPress solutions that are neat, tidy and highly functional.


CodeIgniter is an open source framework based on PHP, that helps in building websites that are stable, reliable, flexible, and also web applications that provide users with an enhanced user experience. Developing websites and applications with CodeIgniter framework can let you have fully functional sites that are based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture.

With CodeIgniter, one would be able to build applications faster, as it has a rich set of libraries that prevents the situation of developers having to write codes from scratch. CodeIgniter is used by millions across the world, and a huge online support community can have all queries answered or open paths to have your needs covered.

With CodeIgniter, you can be able to have websites and web applications that provide your users with the best experience while accessing them. With a set of scalable, highly functional and user-friendly web applications, you can be a customer favourite and witness a huge business growth. So, now comes the great question, whom to depend on to get the best services in creating great web applications?

Akuna Technologies can provide you wonderful solutions in creating dynamic websites and web applications. Experts in creating responsive and user-friendly websites in PHP using CodeIgniter framework. Our expert developers with a deep knowledge and understanding of CodeIgniter, have helped us lend our services to many clients, both national and international. What makes Akuna Technologies stand out from the crowd is the fact that we use the best practices in the industry to provide the best and most comprehensive solutions for different industry verticals.

Website Development
Website Upgrades
Web Application
Customisation and Integration
Shopping Cart
Maintenance and Support