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From times where it was just a pastime and a hobby, embroidery has undergone a great change and become one of the most important tools in branding and marketing purposes, and even for lending a distinctive style for your clothing.

Having a design embroidered on your clothing nowadays is not a handsewn task, but a digital task. It has been made able and easy by the advent of technology into the field of embroidery designing. Nowadays, whatever design it is, be it even the most complex of designs, it can be easily embroidered to your clothing, thanks to embroidery digitizing.

Embroidery digitizing means the art of converting embroidery designs into a digitized format, which can help embroidery machines to read the format and sew the design onto the fabric. The process of digitizing is carried out by the digitizer professional who would create paths in the digitizing software, which would be followed by the embroidery machine to create the embroidered design.

Embroidery digitizing services have been carried out successfully by Akuna Technologies to many clients, scattered all over the globe. What makes us stand out is the fact that we produce amazing results and high quality outputs that would exceed even your wildest imagination. With a fast turn around time, we have have your digitized design sent back to you so that you can have it embroidered and your needs met.

Our digitizer professionals are capable enough to recreate even the most complex of your designs into a digitized format that would be easy enough for the machines to follow and create an output just like the design provided. Manual digitizing of your design ensures that there is no room for error and that each detail is captured in the digitized format. Avail the embroidery digitizing services of Akuna Technologies to have your embroidery needs met and serve your clients effectively. Get in touch with us now.

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