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Why Ecommerce in Shopify?
Business Growth
Easy Selling
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We are E-commerce Experts
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Taking your business to the next level

How We Work

Requirement Analysis

Interacting with the client and gathering requirements that leads to better understanding of the Business flow.

Blueprint & Design

Moulding the entire work flow to deliver the best user experience and submitting it to the client.

Implementation & Testing

Designing and developing with Client requirements; testing the application and deploying for production.

Support & Maintenance

Once set, your project is our baby. We will sit with it and take care of all its daily needs, be it maintenance or support.


Akuna Technologies is a boutique e-commerce web development company running its operations in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and with a fully-fledged offshore centre in Bangalore, India. Akuna Technologies has a dedicated team of dynamic and resourceful professionals with expertise in e-commerce website design and development using Shopify platform.

Our mission is to help all our customers by providing them what they need at an affordable rate. Right from our inception, Akuna Technologies has been able to provide only the best services for our global clients that has helped them sell their merchandise online without much ado. Not only in E-commerce, but in Digital Marketing, Digitizing and Artwork Redraw Services, or any other service we cater to, we deliver only the best service that helps make your brand propagation needs easier. By delivering a string of successful services to our customers Akuna Technologies has become a stand out name in the web development industry, digital marketing industry and artwork redraw industry.


We are Shopify Experts

We Research

We follow a Methodology

We offer Effective Solutions

We Communicate at Every Step

We Deliver on Time


In the services that we cater to, or anything else that we do, we have the kind of expertise and personnel
with several years of track record of happily serving clients from different industry verticals.


The advancement of technology into commerce led to the birth of E-commerce. Now you just need to have an electronic device and an internet connection to access a store anywhere in the world, at your convenient time. With more and more people turning online to make their purchases, irrespective of the business size, or type, most businesses are entering the e-commerce arena for the retailing and distribution of their products and services.
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With a whole lot of platforms available to set up an online store nothing has been as popular as Shopify. Laden with many great features, delivering the highest and best user experience, showcasing great functionality and responsiveness on different display types are some of the highlights of Shopify platform. With certified Shopify experts, Shopify provides everything that helps you to run a smooth and fully functional e-commerce store.
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Digital Marketing

With digital technology booming a multitude of population who are spending majority of their time online,researching about services and connecting with their fellow beings. With such an opportunity available before marketers to reach a wide population within no time, Digital Marketing started gaining popularity and moved on to become the best medium to propagate a brand and experience more business and selling of their products and services.
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Mobile & Web Development

The importance of a website and web applications is not a secret to anyone. In this age of internet and internet savvy people, websites and web based applications are the best way for businesses to reach out to the people and engage with them. With mobile users on the increase, a mobile application can be a good means of revenue and to interact with people anywhere around the world.
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Catalogue Management

Keeping your product list up to date on your online store can be a daunting task for you, if you are attempting to perform the task on your own. It can be a tedious and time-consuming task. It should be done to update your products or list new ones, or change the fee structure etc. As everything around us is changing each second, it will affect the attributes of your product too.
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Design and Digitizing

This is an age of visual treats, with images or other visual elements performing marketing strategies on its own. Through Websites you can create visual representations of your marketing messages and ideas, and drive forward all marketing strategies and branding activities. Through Logo creation, you can highlight a brand’s professional service and creative value. And through Illustration Services you can make your communication more easy.
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