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The world around is getting smarter each day. People who once used to visit stores to purchase essentials, now would just sit in their rooms and order everything online. As brick-and-mortar stores started to experience a dip in sales, they ventured out into online retailing, and now e-commerce is one of the most popular mediums of selling products and services. It has become one of the major revenue generators for any business.

In this era of e-commerce, if you are on the look out of someone to help you setup your online store, then you have come to the right place. If e-commerce is your dream, then we can help you achieve this dream by helping you set up your online store in Shopify e-commerce platform. And what is so special about Shopify platform?

Well, Shopify is one of the most trusted and most valued e-commerce platforms of the present times. With awesome features like easy to manage and highly secure, Shopify, not only makes your life easier, but also that of your customers. And, in case, if you have any trouble with your e-commerce site on Shopify platform, you can avail the services of 24x7 Shopify Support, or certified Shopify Experts. Shopify Experts are the special class of people who are recognized by Shopify, as being masters of the trade. So, being a Shopify Expert, we can help you with all you need, from setting up your online store to running it smoothly and efficiently.

Our highly dynamic professionals are the best in the industry and in what they do, and they are our driving force. The advantage Akuna Technologies provides you over other service providers is the fact that our professionals would always strive hard to put their whole efforts to provide you with the best of services. They are ably equipped to provide you with only the latest features in the e-commerce industry, so that you can always stay two steps ahead of your competitors at all times.

Whatever your wish be, in the looks of the site, or the experience it needs to provide, we can take care of them and develop an online store in a way that it reflects your style and wishes. By setting up your store on Shopify platform, you can be able to provide your customers with a hassle free shopping experience, while you experience great return of investment and an astounding business growth.

You can avail our services at any time, because we are ready to help you at any time. Our services, unparalleled and the best, has been delivered to many major clientele across the globe, whose smiles have only broadened from the day we started providing our services. This what helped us to be one of the major players, globally recognized, in Shopify e-store development.

Our Shopify services are:

  • Shopify Online Store Setup
  • Shopify Theme Customization
  • 24x7 Shopify Support
  • Shopify Catalogue Management
  • Shopify Product Image Editing Services


To start your online business, you should, indeed, have an online store that would woo in your customers and force them to take an action or interact with you. Shopify is a platform that is much easy to use and no one requires any technical knowledge to create a store in Shopify. But still, to impart a professional look and style, you would need the assistance of an expert, and that is where we come in.

Akuna Technologies is a certified Shopify expert who can help do wonders to your business. We can help you build and set up impressive and beautiful online stores using Shopify platform. The process that we adopt for creating an online store for you is:


Your online store would be a means to achieve your goal, whatever it may be. So our professionals would sit in you in understanding what your goals are and what you expect from your store. Based on this we would create our own goals and milestones that would help us in providing you with an output that delivers your goals.


We plan strategies and create blueprints of what we should do to achieve our milestones and completing your task on time, and delivering the best output.


Goals are identified and plans are created. Now we would need to know what you wish of your site and how it needs to present itself before the visitors. After collecting all information, and adding ideas of their own, our developers would start their work, and you’d have your online store before you, ready to go, in no time.

You can have a fully customised site that can deliver your customers with the best user experience. A better user experience means a better sales record and return of investments. Our store setup services also include aid in setting up Apps, Channel and Market Integration, products, pages, logos and anything that you would need to make your store boom into a huge revenue generating business.

To avail our services, get in touch with us now.


The look and feel of an online store is highly important as it can be a determining factor as to what action a visitor takes. If your online store has a monotonous look, then surely you are bound to lose your visitors as they would not be encouraged to adopt any action.

If a visitor must make a purchase or avail your services through your online store, then you should have a store that appeals to him. Only when he finds that the store is interesting, would he adopt a course of action like purchasing your items or anything like that. So the look and feel of an online store becomes important when it comes to the visitor.

Setting up an online store on Shopify platform gives you the advantage of lending your online store with an awesome and distinctive look. This can be achieved by a varied collection of awesome themes provided by Shopify platform. Of the themes that are provided by Shopify, some are available for free, while some at an affordable rate.

These themes can provide an overall good look to your online store, but it may not provide the feeling that a theme customised with your personal tastes could provide. You would clearly have an idea about what your online store should look like and what all colours should be used to make your store unique and distinctive, and your own. This cannot be achieved by using a preset theme.

So, if you are not content with the themes that Shopify provides, or with the theme that is currently used by your store, we can be of service to you. If your concern is that your store theme is outdated, or not catchy enough to woo in your customers, then fear not, Akuna Technologies is there to lend a helping hand.

We can help create totally customised Shopify theme as per your requirement. By being a Shopify Expert, Akuna Technologies has expertise in Shopify Theme Customisation and complete theme design. We have a better understanding of what themes to use for each customer or store type. Our expert developers can accommodate your ideas and also put in their ideas to formulate a colour code or scheme or combination that would really appeal to your customers.

Our Shopify theme customisation services has been successfully delivered to many global clients who have only had the best to say about us. If you feel that you need to get in contact with us, feel free to do it now.


Shopify is a platform that never lets you down. The reason for this statement is that, come what problem may, you can have a dedicated support team at Shopify, any time of the day, to help you with what is troubling you with your store. But, what if you had assistance just near to you?

Well, it is here that we come into play. With us, it is not a big goodbye after helping you set up an online store. We would always be around to help you if you need any things rectified about your online store.

Our aim is to provide you with the best of experiences in online retailing. For that it must be ensured that your store is running without any fault and that you are able to deliver your visitors too with the best experience. Any lag and difficulty your customer may face on the site would induce them to leave your site and purchase from your competitor. So, if you feel that the feeling that your site provides your customer ought to be bettered, we can help you in this task.

Also, after a few months of running your store online and experiencing a huge growth in business, if you feel that you need to add some more things or integrate a few features, then you only just need to contact us, and we would be very ready to help you.

The services that we undertake in Shopify support are:

Day to Day Maintenance
Store Support
App Inclusion
Coupon and Voucher Management
Products Collections
Payment Gateway Integration


Setting up an online store would be your dream and you would achieve it and your store would be performing well. But with more sales and orders comes a very necessary action, the need to update your products and categories.

Keeping your product list up to date can be a daunting task for you, if you are attempting to perform the task on your own. It can be a tedious and time-consuming task and the fact that an inexperienced hand is trying to continuously update and manage data could make it become messy and inconsistent. This can lead to substandard product information and this could have a direct impact on your business or sales.

Managing an e-commerce site means that you would have to constantly update your catalogue. It should be done to update your products or list new ones, or change the fee structure etc. As everything around us is changing each second, its will affect the attributes of your product too. So in order to keep pace with everything, and keep your customers updated, you should manage your catalogue.

You should also be certain that your product name, type and everything is right with no typing errors or any other mistakes. If people find out that your online store is abound with mistakes, then they would lose trust in your site and your business would face a dip in sales, and it is highly important that nothing of this sort happens to your site.

Akuna Technologies can be of great service to you on this service. We have a full-fledged team of professionals who are experts in managing catalogue for Shopify platform. So whatever you need as a service in catalogue management, we are there always ready to lend a helping hand to you.

The services we provide in Catalogue Management are:

Add new products
Update in stock & out of stock products
Update product attributes
Price updation
Change product images
Update product content
Update theme and colours
Hero banner image updation
Sales or promotions updation


There is no need to mention how important are images in an e-commerce site. For a brick-and-mortar store, when we visit, we can see the product before us and we would buy it if we like it. But what about in an online store? Well, images play the part.

Images are integral for any e-commerce site, because it is only after seeing the image that one decides whether or not to purchase it. For an e-commerce site, we should not only provide the right image, but also make sure that the image is error free and appealing to the visitors of your site, because the better the image is, the effective it would be in coaxing the visitors into making a purchase.

Akuna Technologies, with years of expertise in setting up and maintaining e-commerce sites for our clientele, have a deep understanding of the various strategies through which one can effectively rope in their customers. With this skill set, and a highly creative talent, we can help you in editing images of your products and make them appealing. A good team of creative professionals that we possess are quick to realize the changing pulses of the industry and their subtle fingers are able enough to transform your image into the scale that is on par with the industry standards. Simply explained, they would provide you with the best of images you would need to showcase.

Our expertise lies in:

Image Resize
Colour & Contrast Correction
Image Background Removal
Image Cropping
Noise Removal
Adding filters
Red Eye Removal
Density Correction
Lens Correction

Shopify Site Maintenance and Updates

Maintenance is necessary for everything under the sun in order to stay highly functional and useful. This holds true for your Shopify store also. For you to succeed online with your Shopify store, it is essential that your store undergoes regular maintenance and updates.

In order to cater to the needs of your customers and to boost your SEO strategies, it is important that your Shopify store is tweaked and the information updated. But, the task itself is not an easy one. It is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort and expert knowledge. And now, where can you find those experts with the right level of knowledge and puts their heart and soul into carrying out the maintenance of your store?

Well, your search have landed you at the right place. Akuna Technologies is a boutique e-commerce company engaged in delivering unmatched e-commerce services, particularly in the Shopify platform. By being certified Shopify Experts, we have the skill set and knowledge to take up any task in Shopify, which also includes the regular monthly maintenance and update services on this platform.

Our experts here at Akuna Technologies know how important your online store is for you and your business dreams, with your online presence and strength depending on the strength and functionality of your store. With a deep understanding of these factors, they can see to it that your online store is provided with able hands that helps it to be properly maintained and updated to provide a higher standard of customer experience, because customer experience is all that matters in the online world. If your visitors land on your site and find it to be poorly managed and maintained, they would have a bad impression about you and leave your site and purchase from others.

Shopify Maintenance and Updates services at Akuna Technologies includes taking care of all aspects of your Shopify store, that ranges from installing updates, checking for errors and issues and resolving those errors. Our services are aimed at improving and maintaining high webpage speeds so that the visitor to your site won’t have to wait long that necessary for browsing through your online store.

Partner with Akuna Technologies and reduce your stress of maintaining and updating your online store, and focus on other important things that helps you to grow your business. The Shopify Site Maintenance and Updates services that we carry out are:

  • Site navigation optimization
  • HTML/CSS Tweak
  • Create Blog Post
  • Change Layout
  • Social media update