Payment Gateway Integration

This is the age of e-commerce where sales and transactions are happening online. So, how would one pay or receive the amount of the products or services he has purchased or sold, online? Well, the answer is by equipping the online store with a Payment Gateway, which facilitates online payments anywhere across the world.

With the fast growing online and e-commerce world, the need for Payment Gateway Integration Service is continuously growing in demand. And here at Akuna Technologies, we provide the best and fast Payment Gateway Integration services that cater to all the needs of e-business, online retailers, online and credit card transactions for the customers. With our services, we can help your business to reap the benefits associated with easy orders and payments.

Our services in Payment Gateway Integration has been lent out to various clients across the world and helped them with having a number of different payment options in their site. We adhere to high standards and our team of experts uses a variety of technologies to ensure that through each Payment Gateway integration service we are providing, you and your customers will experience and benefit from secure and fast payment transactions. Our expert professionals are experts in PCI compliant integrations, SSL integrations, API and hosted payment integrations.

The expertise of our professionals ranges from simple payment gateway integration services to hosted model payment integration services. They are also well versed in recurring payment integration, adaptive payment integrations, and mass payment integration. All the services we provide in these aforementioned areas are devised to ensure optimum security and fraud prevention to the clients during online transactions.

Why Payment Gateway Integration?

Easier Process of cards

Through Payment Gateway Integration, customers are provided with easier process of debit or credit cards on websites.

Easier Control

Payment Gateway Integration enables merchants to have better control on transactions through multiple processor interfacing.

Improved Security

PCI compliance and improved cardholder data security increases customer satisfaction and minimizes hassles in online transactions.

Better Shopping Experience

Through industry standard encryption, sensitive information is protected, thereby protecting the interests of merchants and customers.

Faster Transactions

Transactions are made much faster and so no more waiting in line for their turn for customers, as they can pay anytime, anywhere.

Added Convenience

Stores can be kept open 24x7 with online payment gateway, which leads to better revenues for merchants and convenience for customers.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Fast Processing of Assignments
  • Trouble Free Installation
  • High Quality and cost effective solutions
  • Payment Multi-supportive Mode
  • Flexible integration solution
  • Comprehensive transaction features
  • Multicurrency support
  • Effective Communication and Information Exchange

Some of the major Payment Gateways we support in India are:

Some of the major Payment Gateways we support in Australia are:

Some of the major Payment Gateways we support in USA are: