It is good bye to the traditional medium of marketing and branding and it is hello to the new medium – digital or online marketing.

The boom of technology and the widespread growth of internet gadgets has opened up a new path for organizations to market their products and services. In a time where the multitude of population is spending more time accessing the internet, what medium can provide a better service? It has led to digital platforms to provide advertising features, which has gleefully been welcomed by organizations and brands.

Digital marketing is now the most preferred marketing solutions adopted by all organizations alike. Internet is the one place where you can meet people from different parts of the world and different walks of life. With all people gathering together in the internet world, it has become easy for businesses to shoot out messages in order to propagate their brand and help reach their business name far and wide.

The main advantage digital media possess in marketing strategy is that it can reach across millions within a few moments. You can also even customize your target audience and decide who all needs to watch your advertising message and so on. The possibility that you can get real time stats and results has increased the popularity of digital marketing. It has thus become the most cost-effective way to reach millions across the globe in an instant.

So, Digital Media Marketing is indeed a golden opportunity that needs to be embraced by organizations for their successful marketing campaigns. Our well devised marketing strategy that identifies the right key Performance Indicators can help businesses and individuals taste success and have a much greater Return On Investments.

The various services we provide under Digital Marketing are

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Keyword Research


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an area that has accumulated a lot of interest over the past few years. It has been so because people of this present age are depending much on search engines like Google for answers. There won’t be a single soul around who doesn’t ask any search engine ‘who is the best in what they need’.

The reason that people depend heavily on search engines for answers, and the fact that they are unwilling to navigate beyond the first page of the Search Engine Results have made businesses to compete against one another to place themselves on the top listings. To be successful in this new age and to grow your business by attracting your customers you need to be among the first few listings.

With Search Engines having the final say, have you devised strategies to be listed in the top or are you still lagging behind trying hard to make an impression?

SEO is an area that need the perfect use of strategies because it is at the same time an area where you can grow or lose your business. SEO strategies can be of two types: White Hat and Black Hat. White Hat practices used in SEO helps in gradually building your site to reach the height that you wish it to be, while Black Hat practice is letting your site to reach the top through false information, but it has the disadvantage of backfiring and your site losing its ranking.

When it comes to SEO services, the providers that follow White Hat techniques are the best because they follow the right path in helping your site grow. Though it is a gradual process, it can help you reap lasting results. Also you must make sure that you are partnering with the best SEO service provider, one who is always updated about the always changing search algorithms, so as to achieve growth.

The SEO services that we provide are ideal for business growth of organizations and businesses. Our SEO Analysts help to drive in traffic to your website with the right and valuable keywords that would list your website first on all Search Engines for common and uncommon word searches.

With services like rich and high quality content creation, tweaking the style and structure of your website, best HTML coding and other White Hat services, we would ensure that your website stays above your competitors for more time and let you generate good business and make your website rank.


Pay Per Click (PPC) is another way of getting listed on the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Through it may seem similar to SEO services, they are both different in their own ways. SEO services is getting listed on top positions in an organic way, without us paying anything to the search engine provider. PPC on the other hand is getting listed the paid way.

PPC is the online advertising technique used when businesses, or individuals, buy listings on the search engines. These listings can usually be found on above the organic listings in a page. How PPC works like that instead of driving any type of audience to your website, like SEO, PPC drives only those traffic that are relevant to your website.

In PPC, the service providers would place a set of keywords and for only the searches that holds relevance to your keywords, would your ad be displayed. These keyword bids that we place should be paid according to the clicks that it receives. This can also be a good place to test the performance of your keywords, and which is the best in order to deliver you sales growth.

With PPC, you can customize the way your advert wants to be shown to people. You can set it for smartphone, tablet or any other device and you can also set the time of the day you want it displayed. PPC campaigns also have settings that can help you to decide the locations you want to target and how much you are willing to spend each day. Based on these interest would your ad be shown to your target audience.

We provide PPC Marketing services that can help you achieve all your targets and goals and experience a boost in sales. With able strategists, well versed in the field of PPC, we can deliver you results that makes your efforts worthwhile and your business a huge success. With Ad-words or PPC Marketing, we help you put yourselves directly in people searching for services like yours in various search engines, or even social media platforms. With us, you can reap the results for your hard work that you had been looking for, which is higher conversions and conversion rates.


It didn’t take much time for social media platforms to make their presence known to the outside world. With most social media platforms an instant success, and with many people spending time in it, connecting to other people and their friends, there arose a great opportunity for businesses to connect with the masses and devise new branding strategies.

Researchers conducted on this area clearly shows the increasing popularity of social media and the time people spend on this. It is evident that the world spends the most of its time navigating through the various channels of social media. Also there are many new social media sites that are being introduced each day.

So with most of the world accessing social media, you have a wonderful opportunity to access the people who visit it. You can have the opportunity to meet with them, to tell them about your brand and the services that you can provide them. Social media has become a great arena that can immensely help the businesses.

Social media has become the newest version of business propagation, as it is the one place that people turn to first, when it comes to propagating their services and products. The strategic use of social media marketing can help you take your brand name to any nook and corner of the world. Using social media platforms for advertising purposes can aid businesses in bringing in more clients.

Effective strategies and results in and through Social Media Marketing can be availed through our services. When it comes to Social Media Marketing services, for us it is not just Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or any other such popular platforms. For us, it is analyzing and determining which the best is for you and your brand propagation. It may not always be all platforms, but just one, and at times, it may not be just one channel, but a multi-channel strategy.

We aim at delivering you results, hard earned results. Even though each social media platform can boast of a huge number of subscribers, it takes much effort in convincing each one of them and driving them to your service. Our well-equipped and managed social media team can walk you through each of your needs, what your goals are and devise plans to achieve them all. We formulate plans on what tactics to be used for your brand and what content to create so as to address to the passions of your audience. We are not just strategizes, but result producers.

We craft our strategies in order to let you experience astounding results soon after beginning our services. With analytics and reports available real time and provided to you after each milestone can astound you and make your jaw drop. So why not arrange a meeting with us now?


No matter what type of business you are into, or what type of campaign you are running, there is nothing like content marketing that can boost, promote or drive it forward. Yes, content marketing is the backbone that supports everything else.

No other medium can deliver exactly what a content, with words created skillfully and placed strategically to capture the attention of a target audience, delivers. Take any other channel and the services we use to boost our business, nothing can stand alone and perform well, without the support of a well written content. Content marketing has thereby become a major marketing medium that can help your business to develop, in the online and also the offline arena.

In this digital age, where images and graphics have an upper hand, we cannot still ignore the usefulness of a few words of content. Creating high quality, valuable and relevant content can help to attract, inform and force the audience into engagement, all the while playing a great role in promoting your brand. It can catch the attention of your audience, lure them into an engagement and also make them visit your website for more information. It can indirectly help you to boost up your website ranking by driving in more relevant traffic.

In an era when people are engaged in researching on what is best to buy or have, a good content marketing strategy can help in satisfying their need and providing them with answers. They way you market your content helps the audience to decide whether or not to avail your services.

Content marketing services at Akuna Technologies delivers you exactly this. Our content marketing strategies are devised to turn a passive audience to an active engaging customer. Through the usage of a well developed content, we can help your websites, your brand persona and facilitate easy interaction with your customers, along with increasing your sales.

By making use of a variety of channels such as blog posts, articles, infographics, and other types of content, we can ensure that you can make your target audiences your active customers and let them engage in building up your business. We place strict goals and our content strategists place high benchmarks to ensure that each word they scribble down is relevant for you and your customers alike.

So, do not get lagged back in these times of great relevance. Stay ahead of your competitors and achieve great business growth with our proven and time tested content marketing services.


Email marketing is still a preferred means of carrying out marketing strategies, despite being an old medium, while juxtaposing it with the currently favoured social media platforms. This is also an area where marketers and businesses should tread carefully, as it possesses the risk of being rejected or being accepted at the same time. A well-developed strategy can be a great way to lure in your customers via email marketing.

Having the right strategists can help you devise a good strategy that can catalyze your development. Our strategists can help you with devising a perfect strategy for your brand that helps turn your subscribers from a passive audience to a revenue generating active audience. You could stand to gain from our optimized email marketing strategies that would enable you to increase your conversion rates through well optimized landing pages that would prompt your customers spring into action.

Our email templates are created to appeal to the customers and induce them into taking an action. We create beautiful and responsive email marketing templates that can provide the recipient with the same aesthetic feeling, no matter what device he uses to view your campaign idea.

With constant interaction with your customer base, we can make sure that they are always engaged and ready to take action. With our personalized email marketing services, you can now build everlasting connections with your customers.So, why the confusion now on whom to contact for your business development services? Partner with us and get ready to be skyrocketed.


When it comes to marketing, it is important to realize that your website is as important as any of your campaigns to drive your marketing strategies forward. Therefore, it is a misstep when people or businesses invest a lot of amount for their campaign purposes, but hardly any for their website development services.

Each and every website functions as a selling machine that carries out its functions 24 hours a day. And in order to function effectively, each page of the website must host visitors searching exclusively for that page. If your website’s home page appears before visitors who have searched for your services page, then the visitor is bound to go away from your site without a second thought. But if he gets what he has come for, then he would stay and ultimately avail your services.

The right data or content not appearing when a client has searched for something would prompt them to leave your website and search somewhere else. We can help you rectify this issue and increase the percentage of visitors converting into leads by one page element optimization. By driving the audience to the service they need would result in them attaining your services or taking an action.

By providing a web page that is informative and attractive at the same time has the benefit of increasing your sales and converting the passive visitors to active and engaging customers. By accommodating your site with landing pages and more calls to action, we help you achieve more conversions for your site and encourage more sales.

So, don’t just dream of more conversions and sales. Make it a reality by converting your traffic into sales and building happy customers, through the effective solutions that we provide at Akuna Technologies.


When it comes to digital marketing, the power that a keyword wields is enormous. The right keyword can build your website, and your business, while the wrong one can do harm to all your propagation activities.

With keywords playing a very crucial role in the development of your business, you should make sure that you have chosen and used the right keywords. The right keywords can drive traffic to your website, not just any traffic, but the right traffic that is necessary for your business development.

Before implementing any strategies for building your business, what needs to be analysed is your requirements and goals, who your audience are and what type of products and services you provide. This research can help in formulating keyword phrases that could be possibly used by those audience searching for that type of services. With these right set of keywords, and the right SEO practices, your website can be made to rank higher on search pages, and draw in the right visitors.

Our Keyword Research services are done under the able direction of a team of expert SEO and SEM strategists, who are backed by years of experience in delivering result oriented solutions to clients across different niches. Our expert team uses the best tools, services, processes and strategies available in the industry to research and analyse the best functional keywords for you. Our process also covers venturing out into studying your competitors’ best performing keywords so as to create strategies to better attract visitors.

The keywords that we formulate for you would be those that are relevant for your business, that you can effectively compete on and that are way too stronger than your competitor’s keywords. We aim at providing you with effective sales leads, conversions and more revenue. With the right set of keywords and effective on-site page optimization practices, we can ensure that your website appears for relevant search queries and that you experience development in your business.

Be it a keyword phrase, or a long tail keyword, with the unmatched expertise of Akuna Technologies, get ready to soar up high towards effective propagation of services and business growth.